At a time when I thought I might never live in a place of my own choosing, I started to write this blog.  It was about experiencing life and creating home in a million places, and finding the bright side when I was struggling.  Over the years it has grown and morphed into a place where I also try to reconcile my love of clothing, textiles, and fibers with my concern for their impact on our environment.

I am thrilled to be raising my family in Minnesota now, a place to which we have worked hard to return, but there are still many opportunities, more than ever, to reach for the bright side.

In addition to maintaining this blog, and working to help others improve theirs, I knit a lot and sew a little.  I sew illustrations and draft patterns for garments.  I gravitate towards natural fibers and clean lines, and often favor hand-sewing over machine sewing.  I prefer sturdy denim, cozy sweaters, clogs, orderly closets, wooden pencils, boundaries, life over lifestyle, making alongside writing, and the long way home.

Thanks for visiting my website,