At a time when I thought I might never live in a place of my own choosing, I started to write this blog.  It was about experiencing life and creating home in a million places, and finding the bright side when I needed to get better at that.  It has also become the place where I share what I make, and where I publicly reconcile my love of clothing, textiles, and fibers with my concern for their environmental impact.
I am thrilled to be back in Minnesota to raise my family, something I never thought would work out, but there are still more opportunities than ever to reach for the bright side.
In addition to developing this website and working in a local yarn shop, I knit a lot and sew a little.  I create illustrations and draft patterns for garments.  I gravitate towards natural fibers and clean lines, and always enjoy doing things by hand.  I prefer sturdy denim, cozy sweaters, clogs, orderly closets, wooden pencils, life over lifestyle, writing alongside making, and the long way home.
Thank you for visiting my website.