In Practice, Sustainable Closet

It's Complicated

When I first met the man with whom I would eventually marry and have children, I was quickly plunged into a strange world of oil rigs, rotation schedules, offshore drilling, and a lot of moving.  It was how I imagined military life, except with less violence and a better paycheck.  At the time, I also had been learning about slow and local food and like many, I was growing frustrated with our outsourced American life.  

Wardrobe, Sustainable Closet

Do This Before You Shop: Honest Assessment

I used to have a closet full of beautiful shirts.  Silky camisoles, cashmere tees, even a suede halter top, beautiful with heels and good denim.  I also managed to acquire other fun fancy items over time, like a vintage Pucci dress and some amazing Bottega stilettos.  I hardly ever went out, since I was teaching full-time while also attending graduate school.  But if the call came to hit the town feeling festive, as it did once in a blue moon, I was ready.