Can I Add Some Rose Glasses To Your Day?

I have an unusual collection of creative skills, and would be excited to apply them to your projects.  Would you like help creating blog content?  I'm your girl.  Do you love writing about lifestyle, apparel, or your products, but abhor the research? Pick me.  Did you bite off a bigger knitting project that you can chew, and want help finishing it?  I can help. Maybe you would like to commission an embroidered illustration of someone wearing an amazing dress?  Yes, please.  Do you have a favorite sweater that needs unraveling so that you can use the yarn to make something new?  I would love to help with that one, too.



Send me a message describing your project, using the form below.  Include pertinent details about the task, an ideal timeline, your budget for the work, and any questions you have for me, and I will respond in no time.


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Where, Oh Where, is Mrs. Rose Glasses?

I am based in the Minneapolis, Minnesota metro area, but I might still be able to help if you are not here.  Send me an email to find out.