Embroidered Self-Portrait, 2015

At a time when I thought I might never live in a place of my own choosing, I started the blog Mrs. Rose Glasses. I wrote about experiencing life and creating home in a million places, and about finding the bright side at a time when I needed to get better at that.

Mrs. Rose Glasses has become the place where I sell what I make, and also where I publicly reconcile my love of clothing, textiles, and fibers with their significant impact on our environment.

I wear several creative hats, including designing and making knit products, creating and maintaining this website, and also working in the yarn industry. I also sew a little, create illustrations using embroidery, and occasionally draft patterns for garments.

Creating the Signature Poncho has provided me with a color outlet that I didn’t know I craved. More generally, I gravitate towards natural fibers and clean lines, and I always enjoy doing things by hand. I adore sturdy denim, cozy sweaters, clogs, orderly closets, wooden pencils, life over lifestyle, writing alongside making, and the long way home.

Thanks for stopping by.