June 3, 2010

Email to Mom:

Long week, finally yesterday it was sunny enough to make wearing the summer clothes that I brought with me seem comfortable. Groceries two miles away so went on long walk for things that can be cooked in two pans with one spoon and no sharp knife. Accidentally bought a cute shirt and some shorts and then discovered cute neighborhood cafe, so that cheered me up.
Finally got word that Chip will sign at customs office for belongings tomorrow with Sat. delivery so that brought even more cheer this morning.

My hair person that I discovered in March is already gone, so that is depressing. It is a town of hustlers, people on the move. I need to locate her card in the volumes of boxes so that I can stalk her because I don't care for the person they gave her clients to at the old salon.

Went for first run yesterday, straight up huge hill behind our house. It was hard but worth it from the top; a ten min jog/walk produced a downtown view with mountains in distance. Confirmed my suspicion that we live on wrong side of tracks but also learned that we are not as far from the tracks as I had feared. River much prettier without the icebergs.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope you're good-s