Moving Sadness

June 6, 2010

Our stuff arrived, complete with unpackers, yesterday. It weighed 8,700 pounds. Another 3,600 pounds is due to arrive in the next week or so, in the form of our car. Sleeping in our bed was an enormous relief after going through the nightly re-inflation of the air mattress. Our belongings fit better in the living room and master bedroom than I expected, and worse in the kitchen. There is work to be done.

Yesterday I became really, really homesick. After several great days getting settled and feeling positive, yesterday was terrible. I woke up with a terrible headache, after an evening of salad and water and going to bed early, so that was disheartening. I had a lunch date with my one new friend, and it was fine, but mostly it reminded me of the really good friends that I already had that were in lands far, far away. Brand new friendships are hard, like new plants. They are sweet, but fragile, and a lot them don’t make it far.

My humor was not improved by the weather. On June 10, I was wearing wool tights under my tall boots, a full slip and long underwear under my long-sleeved dress, and a winter scarf over my denim jacket. And, as I was walking to lunch, I was wishing that I had worn gloves, too, because holding onto my umbrella was making my hands so cold.

I miss summer. I miss Minneapolis, including the Wedge, and the other numerous markets. I miss Common Roots cafe, and Surly beer. I miss my friends, and the cabin. I miss my yoga studio being four blocks away, and my favorite running route. I miss the lakes. I miss the smell, and the lush green foliage.

This move feels harder than past moves.