Stalking the Royals

So we've been in Canada for over a year now, which is shocking.  It was our second Canada day, and then now we've just begun our second Stampede.

I can't lie, I have a natural aversion to large, can't-miss events.  I did not care for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, I have never been to WeFest in Detroit Lakes, I have never been to a state fair in Minnesota, and I have so far successfully avoided experiencing the Stampede.  I think chuck wagon races sound suspect, and yesterday they had to shoot a horse because he broke his leg during a race;  I'm definitely glad I did not see that.

However, I'm strangely charmed by the Royals, who came to town to kick off said Stampede.  They were scheduled to push a button at the beginning of the parade, which would release confetti into the air.  This particular event, along with the stampede itself, all takes place within a ten minute walk from our place.  Since I've been working on my attitude about life in Canada, I dragged my husband to the beginning of this parade, so we could indulge in a little Royals-stalking.

Kate and Will are just cute.  Very easy to enjoy.  I'm not as into Kate's style as most people seem to be, but on the other hand, her hair always looks fab, and more importantly, she has a great smile, seems gracious, and like she's having fun meeting the masses.  And she has her act remarkably and consistently together for someone whose life will involve cameras pointing at her forever more.

So, for her, we walked into the mouth of the dragon.  A parade route lined with at least ten layers of people, not mention intermittent bleachers.  We stood in our little tiny portion of stolen sidewalk and waited for over a half-hour.

The couple drove by in a car with the windows up, and I did not see a thing, except for the black shiny motorcade.  Disappointed, we slunk off around the block, only to see the motorcade and the very side of the parade kick off.  We couldn't see any people, but we saw the confetti fly.  I thought about continuing the mission at their next stop, but my window on crowd tolerance had closed, so I moved on with my day.