Work: Retail

December 6, 2010

Don’t feel like writing, but Mom and her friend that I trust told me that I had to, even if it feels like I have nothing to say.

Late for work, feel nervous.  Hate that I feel so trapped by my schedule.  Chip is in the air over Saskatchewan, we will pass each other in the air.  I am in MSP and want to stay here desperately.  I am supposed to be in YYC already, getting ready for work, but my plans were foiled by fog in Salt Lake City.

I have a pretty good job now, my second one since graduating with my new diploma and leaving Minneapolis.  I am one of the department managers opening the Calgary location of Anthropologie.  The company has not been very impressive so far, and frankly nor have I.  I have been sick since they hired me, first with a terrible Malaysian cold, and then with cluster headaches, now with strep throat.  I am torn between wanting to stick it out to show them how great I am, and wanting to run screaming away from them and their mall, never to return.

But the plan is to save some money so that we can buy a house in Minnesota and maybe someday even live there again.  So that plan has me hanging in there.