Vintage Video: Mr. Okra and More

Unfortunately, I am not skilled at taking video.  However, these clips still give the basic idea of what normal days in New Orleans look and sound like.  I found them recently while cleaning out old electronic files on my computer.

Here is Mr. Okra driving around the neighborhood in April 2008, selling produce from the back of his truck.  Sorry that I forgot that you can't turn the camera that way while filming.

Here is a normal Saturday afternoon, in the non-Bourbon-Street part of the Quarter in April 2008.

Here is the satirical Krewe du Vieux 2009 parade in the Marigny, around the corner from our old apartment.  It is hard to describe how ridiculous it was, and the video is very dark.  Again, sorry.

Here is a snippet of what you see when you walk around JazzFest.  I have no idea who they were, just a normal bunch of seriously talented, musical New Orleanians, probably.