Canadian Thanksgiving

The second Monday in October is Canadian Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; it is only food, family, friends, gratitude and relaxing, in equal and copious amounts.  This was our second Thanksgiving in Canada, and the second time we were invited into the home of Canadians to share the holiday.  I was pleased, and grateful.  There was a ton of food and copious amounts of laughter.  The meal included turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, salads and pumpkin pie, just as it would be at home.  We also had an amazing pear crisp, and peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes, among other treats.  We have heard a rumor that these friends may be able to join us for the American version of the holiday later this fall, so our fingers are crossed.

There are some other things for which I am extremely grateful this year:

  • my husband, who not only provides for me, but who also supports my approach to life with unfailing grace
  • my cat, who thinks she is a person and whose company is of superior quality
  • my family members, who find my choices strange, but who still admit to common ancestry
  • my friends, who are smart, funny, talented, empathetic, motivated, ambitious and inspirational
  • Canadian fall, which is crisp and colorful and smells good
  • freedom to do whatever I want every single day that I wake up
  • needles and thread, which I find soothing when I am anxious
  • books and magazines, which are my window to the universe

Happy thanksgiving! (Pt. I)