More Ginger

I keep hearing about the magic of fresh ginger, and they have it a lot at my grocery store.  I've been making tea with the ginger, but aside from that, fresh ginger is kind of intimidating.  It's all full of fiber, and then sometimes when you try to grate it, you just end up with fibrous mess.  As a result, my ginger repertoire has remained limited.

There is a wine region in Western Canada called the Okanagan, which I find surprising.  I bought a bottle of bubbly from there, rosé style.  Normally, when it comes to me and champagne, the wind changing direction could be cause for celebration.  However, it was hard to believe that Canadian champagne would work out, so it has remained in the fridge for quite some time.  

Finally the other night, in search of a nightcap, I revisited a box of champagne recipes which Santa deposited in my Christmas stocking one year, and found this one for ginger champagne.  It was pretty good, and obviously because of the ginger, it was good for me.  A little on the sweet side, so maybe best enjoyed as dessert.  Next time, I might add only a half tablespoon of simple syrup.  At the very least, it's a festive way to take in more fresh ginger.