Holiday Service

The people I have encountered in Houston are so nice, and the service I have been receiving is above and beyond.  When my veterinarian provided me a ride home so I wouldn't have to bring my cat in a cab, I was astounded.  The following week it happened again at my neighborhood liquor store.  I walked there since it was only two blocks away.  But after I decided to buy more than I could carry, they insisted on driving me home instead of letting me go back to get my car. I was pleasantly flummoxed; it seemed that Houston might be the best-kept secret in the U.S.

Tis the season for customer service.  At this time last year, I was working to provide good customer service at the new Anthropologie in Calgary.  I can't lie, it was a terrible Christmas.  The store was unprepared for the grand opening Christmas week, and shoppers were mostly not in the mood for our missteps.  This year, moving, in addition to the holiday season, has provided many customer service experiences.  In addition to the exceptional gestures from my vet and liquor store, I have received friendly and helpful assistance while running holiday errands at the stores in my neighborhood.  Even if you technically don't celebrate Christmas, in our culture you are going to have to be involved in some way, since no corner of this land is untouched by it.  So I really feel for all of those who work during this week in order to keep things up and running.

The magical Houstonian service I receive seems to not extend through all companies; it turns out that AT&T remains AT&T.  We signed up for their wireless service after our landlord recommended a switch from his own lackluster Comcast experience.  We hesitated, as we had disliked AT&T for our phones a few years back.  But, believing in second chances (foolishly), we went ahead with AT&T.  Since then, in two weeks, I have enjoyed two lackluster repair appointments, two lackluster phone experiences, and two unhelpful online chats.  Their left arm definitely does not know what their right arm is doing.

Anyway, now I'm off to reward my exceptional vet with some holiday treats.  It's not every day anymore that neighborhood service is available and exceptional, and people like that give me a warm holiday feeling.

Merry Christmas!  Especially if you are working this week.