There's No Walking in Houston

Houstonians, I am learning, don't walk, at least not as a common mode of transportation.  I had always heard this, but I thought maybe if we moved into a neighborhood where restaurants and shops were within easy walking distances (at least in the pleasant-temperature winter months), maybe then I would see some people on foot.

Not so.  Yesterday I went for a walk to do a couple of errands downtown.  Downtown is not far from here, maybe ten blocks or so.  I arrived at my first stop after an easy fifteen minute walk along a street which serves as a main artery from my part of town into downtown.  I was told I needed to head to another building to complete my mission.  I said that was no problem, and to clarify, asked if I would be able to complete my errand on foot, or if I would need a vehicle.  Oh no, she shook her head, that's much to far to walk.  The security guard hanging out at her counter looked at her, shook his head, rolled his eyes at her, and looked at me.  "Don't listen to her," he said, "it's only three blocks".  She just doesn't like to walk.  As I thanked them, and prepared to continue my walk, she warned me more again that it was much too far.

I walked, and while it wasn't the prettiest part of town, it was 65 degrees in December and quite pleasant.  Plus, I had the entire sidewalk to myself almost the whole way.