In School Forever

I took some heat recently from a family member about taking more classes.  Yes, it's true, I'm taking more classes, at Houston Community College.  I'm taking advanced classes in apparel, to supplement the basic diploma that I received in Minneapolis in 2009.  This semester I'm learning how to grade patterns and how to make fashion illustrations.  I'm also taking a survey course on the history of fashion in the West.  It's not my first choice to be a student again, contrary to what said family member imagines.  I had a small sinking feeling when I sat down in my first class this week, thinking about the young people around me who already knew each other, about having homework again as part of my daily landscape, and about the fact that I still haven't nailed down exactly how I want to conduct life as a grown-up.

However, a few minutes into the first class I began to feel back on track, and I felt even better after the second class.  My goals in signing up for the class were validated minutes into the lecture; I was hoping to learn about the local design community in Houston, to learn skills that will help me if I start a business, and to continue to build my skills.  I was scared to death to try to figure out how to make illustrations, but now I'm excited; my professor put me at ease right away, and I was reminded of how great it feels to push the brain in a new direction once and while.  If I am very lucky, I may even make a friend or two in this situation.

One of my professors made some strong positive statements about the future of fashion in Houston, about Houston as an environment for starting businesses, and about Houston as an incubator for creativity, and it all sounds pretty positive.  At least once a week I am reminded of how we thought moving to Houston would be a death sentence for our health and happiness and instead I've never felt happier in my life than I do right now.