Initials Nightie: Rough Draft

When I was in middle school, I discovered some blue cotton scrubs in my parents' closet and I adopted them as my pyjamas.  They were soft and comfy and over the years they continued to be what I reached for when I look for sleepwear with high functionality.  Sadly, they have now been worn and washed so many thousands of times that even though I still reach for them (over twenty years later), I've noticed that they have become transparent.

My thoughts on night gowns: they are either pretty or functional, but not often both.  It also seems like they are often made of crappy synthetic materials that should be nowhere near our skin or our beds.  So  I've been working on something in the middle.  My guidelines for a design included a ban on adjustable straps, because those always either break or come loose, and something mid-length, to allow for comfortable sitting or morning coffee-drinking suitability, but without the garment being so long that it feels like wearing a parachute to bed.  And finally, it has to have French seams, because I want a pure look; as clean on the inside as on the outside.

A couple of years ago, my mom gave me a single white linen flat sheet with my grandmother's initials embroidered on it; I think it will make a beautiful night gown.  I was too scared to cut it up on the first try with this design, so the one pictured above is my rough draft, made from all organic cotton materials.  I plan to wear-test this one and see how it goes.  In a few years or so, I should know it feels right.