Project Mardi Gras

A few days ago we were invited to a Mardi Gras ball in New Orleans.  Tuxes, ball gowns, Maroon Five, oh my.

As a general rule, I avoided Mardi Gras when we lived in New Orleans; I found the crowds overwhelming and the mess to be a less-than-flattering side of the city.  However, it is a very sweet honor to be invited as a guest of a Krewe, and we are touched that our friends thought of us.  I also recognize that sometimes we just need to get out in the mess and not worry so much about what it all means.

So, in the meantime, while trying to organize an outfit that I like without letting it hijack the finally-calm post-move budget, I have challenged myself to see if I can prepare something that can pass for a gown right here in my little sewing room.  I have wavered back and forth on the wisdom of this, but the thought of spending money even at the affordable end of the ball gown spectrum irritates me; I have really, truly been making the effort to avoid disposable, single-usage clothing purchases.  I have spent two afternoons shopping and not been thrilled even with the selection at higher price points.  I have spent many hours online, and have ordered a dress I like which would have a longer life span, which kind of messes up the budget but would at least be worth it if it looks great on.  I would also like to locate some vintage or second-hand options, but there are limited hours and a myriad of other tasks between now and our Friday afternoon departure time.

So for now, while I wait for that Dress B to arrive, I have set myself upon the task of attempting to sew Dress A.