More Secession

In a recent post, I highlighted a radio clip which was a spoof of what it would sound like if Texas actually seceded from the United States.  In spite of that clip having been featured during drive-time news, I still imagined secession supporters to be kind of on the fringes, like survivalists, or people that think Newt Gingrich might make a good president.

However, I was proven wrong yesterday.  This guy, who was parked in front of my house yesterday, is so excited about secession that a bumper sticker just isn't a strong enough expression of his enthusiasm:

I had to take a picture.  Later in my class, I was sharing it with a fellow north-of-the-Mason-Dixon expat and we were giggling, when others around us began to voice their support of secession.  Turns out, in that particular small group of people, I was the one on the fringes.