April Progress Check: 2012 Goals

Unbelievably, 2012 is over one-third complete.  It's time to check how I'm doing on my goals for the year.  I was a little scared to look when I realized how much time has passed, but it looks like I have at least taken minimal steps for most of them.

Let's review:
  1. make a business or organization plan: I've been reading a little on how to make one, and brainstorming business names and concepts, but that's all I can report...it's tricky!
  2. make a patio herb garden: See photo above...it's only basil and mint so far, but it's better than no herbs.  The mint does not seem to be responding well to the hot sun on the patio, even though the tag said "full sun".  If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it.  We'll see how the basil seeds do.
  3. exercise at least 30 mins 3x a week: So far, so good.
  4. get a tattoo: The results here are similar to the business plan goal, some reflecting and doodling, but no definitive action to date.
  5. put down roots: Here again there is progress, of the fuzzy variety.  We have identified some land that we want, and are preparing to make an offer, hopefully in the coming week or so.  I am giddy, and scared to death, having never purchased anything more expensive than a car in the past.