Republic of Texas

There is a lot to enjoy about living in Texas.  Most of it has to do with consumption and materialism, but there are some non-tangibles as well.  The lack of state income tax is nice, shopping is abundant, and food is often yummy and always well-spiced.  The people are super friendly and kind, and I love the balmy humidity and the screechy, tropical-sounding Houstonian birds.

However, sometimes it is too much.  Sometimes, when I am driving and I pull up next to some jackhole with a bumper sticker on his car that reads "Secede", I get a little fired up.  Since that just happened to me last week, it was timely that this spoof news piece played on the radio a few days ago.  Have a listen (or a read, but it's funnier when you hear the voices) to Lone Star State of Mind: Could Texas Go it Alone, if you didn't hear it the first time.