Quiet Across the Tropics

It's funny living in a place where each hourly weather forecast on my radio station features the phrase "and it's quiet across the tropics", or something similar.  I'm sure it's normal for people raised on a coast, but it's new for me.  I have also noticed that when there is something brewing, but the diagnosis remains uncertain, you might hear a phrase like "there are no immediate concerns in the Gulf".

Anyway, for the moment, it is quiet across the tropics.  Every day the high temperature hovers between the low 90s and 100-ish, and every afternoon, almost without fail, there is a 30 percent chance for a thunderstorm, but rarely does it organize itself into actual rain.  I often hear a rumble of thunder, and see big gray clouds for a little while, but just as commonly, the formation disperses before depositing any precipitation.

In the meantime, after days of home-alone quiet and a brewing pity party comprised of my own small matters, I decided it was time to get out of the house.  I went to check out a local business about which I have been curious, that specializes in southeast Texan food.

It was just a small outing, but as usual, seeing something new perked me up.  I came away with goodies, such as sorghum syrup (kind of like molasses, I learned), a local batch of barbecue sauce, a new salsa to try, and pretzel buns.  I also saw at least three delicious-sounding sandwiches in the deli, with sides that included mustard potato salad, cabbage slaw with lime dressing, or roasted corn, all of which I look forward to trying with my husband when he is back in town.