Neighborhood Limes

The house that we're buying is only three blocks away from the townhouse that we are currently renting.  Also, it is empty while renovations are being completed.  As a result, I have become a stalker.  Luckily the seller/builder completely understands, and is on board with me visiting, taking measurements, and generally being around.

I have started thinking more about this idea of 'neighbor' now that we are committed...will we have nice neighbors?  Fun ones?  Mean or crazy ones?  Who knows.  In this old neighborhood, as in many big cities, homes are nearly on top of one another and the result is lots and lots of fences.  Our fence is tall, giving us the illusion of privacy, even though technically people are all around us.

One thing I have also noticed a few blocks from said new house is that there is a neighbor with a lime tree, and a couple of branches currently hang heavily over the sidewalk, laden with limes.  I want some!  Can I pick some?  Probably not, but if this one branch hangs outside of their fence and over the sidewalk (which it does), does that make it more ok?  Vegetation in old Houston urban neighborhoods frequently crowds over sidewalks, something I have noted while running this year.  I am forever dodging scratchy tree branches and sticking my arms out to brush aside palm fronds ahead of me.  During those moments, I have cursed lazy home and business owners for not respecting pedestrian traffic.

Now is my chance to take care of a little bit of sidewalk!  The whole universe suddenly feels different.  This is just like falling in love.

This morning I went on a little neighborhood bike ride, looking for signs of life or signs of trouble.  Better to perform an in-depth investigation before we risk more than earnest money.  Now that we are invested in our surroundings, I want to know more about those around us.  Plus, I needed to further investigate the lime situation.  I rang the doorbell, but did not experience satisfaction or free limes; no one answered.