Home Ownership 101

It has been a month of learning about how to be a home owner, first legally and financially, and then logistically.  We finished moving into our house Sunday night and even have the pleasure of houseguests already.  We have met a few neighbors, and have wondered about a few more.  We have pest control and help with our lawn, and have already learned about our water heater and electrical system, through surprises and research.  Our house is old-new, first built in 1930, but stripped to the studs and rebuilt last year.

We are also the proud owners of a new shed, which takes the place of the garage we do not have.  Who knew sheds were expensive??  Who ever wanted a shed before?  Now, I understand.  Even the shed makes me happy.

I have my coffee in the little back yard or on the big front porch and feel good.  Maybe I never wanted this before because my inner survivalist knew that it wasn't financially feasible, but now that it does feel like the right time, it is exciting.  Also it is a little bit scary...I can feel the risk.  Not a feeling of financial risk necessarily, but more an emotional one, or a complicated mix of the two.  Here I am, my loved ones and my favorite stuff and my little bit of investment, right on the road for anyone else to mess with, or for any kind of natural disaster to crush.  There is a vulnerability to it which I did not anticipate.  The stakes are higher.

But all is well right now and we love our little tiny new-old house.