Happy Fall

Three weeks!  Shameful, I'm sad to have not been writing all this time.  Everyone is busy, and I know that busy is a lame excuse, but I have to be honest when I say that September went entirely missing in the face of the move, and the first half of October wasn't much different.

Since we completed the move into the house, we have had a trip, a family wedding, a wedding anniversary, houseguests, intensive tackling of home-ownership-related tasks, a surprise visitor with fresh-caught redfish from the gulf of Mexico, and even a little (minor) surgery.  Uff-da, as we say up north.

So now, heading into the best part of fall, we are looking forward to some routine, borderline boring, possibly uneventful days.  Here's what's on the short-term agenda: setting up Third Coast Stitch Lab, doing some fabulous fall cooking, carving some pumpkins, and checking out Texas Wine Month events in Hill Country this weekend.

Happy Fall!