We Almost Made it To a Food Truck (But Now It's a Cafe)

So food trucks are all the rage these days and Houston is no exception.  Since we tend to prefer fresh and casual dining over fine dining, I imagined that we would be tasting all kinds of goodies on the go when we moved here, but instead we have not really bothered.  To be honest, sometimes it is tricky to know where they will be and when.  Aside from that, we just don't eat out as much as we used to; disappointing and expensive restaurants combined with a tight household budget while we were in Calgary finally pushed my tastebuds to prefer homemade food.  

Pregnancy has reinforced that preference; eliminating all of the forbidden ingredients from a restaurant menu is not only an exercise in patience and sleuthing, but takes out some of the fun out of the restaurant experience.  Even though I try to be relaxed and not excessive while following healthy pregnancy guidelines, when I know that my body might be creating a brain that day, or strengthening a spine, I don't want to have that be the day that I give in to the listeria-contaminated feta, or let myself enjoy that (half) pint that I've been craving.

However, we recently had a chance to sample the goods of one food-truck-turned-cafe that has been getting some attention here in Houston, called the Eatsie Boys Cafe.  We enjoyed some fresh and tasty sandwiches on a sunny patio and it was quite delicious.  We didn't quite get there while it was still a trendy food truck, but at least we didn't miss the good food.