Happy Birthday!

My husband left today to go back to work in Angola.  Today is also his birthday, and he was feeling a little old and slightly less than awesome when he left the house at 6:30 this morning, so I feel compelled to proclaim to the cyber-world some things that are awesome about him:

He is an Eagle Scout.
He's wicked smart, even though I do have to call him on occasional BS.
He once let me take our shared family vehicle out of Canada, away from him, for six weeks.  In the middle of winter.
He not only got over his childhood feline allergy in order to date me, but is now almost as close to my cat as I am.
He says 'yes' to me when a lot of other people would find ways to say 'no'.
He understands the importance of plane tickets, road trips, and Minnesota.
He also understands the importance of champagne and sparkly things.
He's hot.
He does excellent impressions of people that amuse us.
He agreed to try living without a TV for me.
He is always up for picking up the take-out.
He's a great dad.
He works hard, even though he might disagree with me about that.
He is a soothing presence during sometimes-stressful family gatherings.
He sings the lyrics of rap songs to the rhythm of lounge music.
He goes to bed early most of the time, and makes it seem normal.
He eats in a seemingly effortless healthy, moderate way (I admit that this can be annoying, but over time I've grown less annoyed and just plain grateful as this quality does seem to be contagious).
He goes to Ikea for me, and to the Galleria with me.
He makes fun of me, he makes me laugh, and he makes me better than I would otherwise be.

Happy Birthday, honey!  We miss you already.