At Home

Zutano Baby Fleece Rebuild

Something I find difficult about parenting a young child is the waste that accumulates.  Granted, I could work harder to look for second-hand options, but I admit to being easily seduced by the cuteness that abounds on many websites and in the boutiques I occasionally visit.  So I work for a balance: cute and well-made items, but not a million of them.  And, now that we are settled and my studio is back in action, I plan to make some items and alter others, in order to extend the life of both garments and scraps.

Our son has quadrupled his weight in just over a year, which means he has burned through approximately five size categories (which was a crash course in and of itself...who the heck understands fit and sizing for the tiny ones??).  Anyway, climate and season must also be accounted for, and we moved into an entirely new climate zone this summer.  In recent weeks, the little guy just passed through an entire size category in less time than it took for the seasons to change, which threw up yet another parenting frontier in my path.

Regardless, we got away without worrying about warm jackets for a newborn and we largely ignored shoes until last week, but we did have to purchase a few tiny warm items last year when we took a winter trip to a snowy zone.  One of those items was a fleecy one-piece suit that he had the chance to wear only a few times.

I pulled it out of the closet hopefully as our Minnesota temperatures began to plummet last week,  wishing it to still fit.  It did not, but it wasn't as far off as it could have been. 

With a little tweaking, the one-piece became a jacket and matching mittens.