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Make More

I changed majors a couple of times in college.  Ok, more than a couple.  Towards the end of my junior year, I was browsing the course catalogue and a class caught my eye that didn't seem possible: "Pants Lab".  I wanted to change majors, again, immediately.  The fact that this could be an actual class for credit made me understand I had that I had not given my future enough thought.  A class entirely devoted to the particulars of pants???  Impossible.  Who knew that you could go to a respectable college and earn credit for making pants?  Not me.

It terrified me that I had not been creative enough to imagine such a thing.  Maybe that was one of my first very adult moments.  Or maybe the adult moment part came in the next minute, when I understood that it was too late to change majors, and that I just needed to move forward with my not-so-specific Liberal Arts major and get on with life.  Regardless, many years later, that moment remains vivid and instructive.

I've been to college several times now, collecting a variety of degrees along the way, and luckily for me, I did have an opportunity to at least partially rectify my previous inability to register for Pants Lab.  My skills are nascent, but even so, aside from some technical skill fine-tuning which might be necessary here or there, I intend to resist looking to expensive classes and new certifications as the solution to my professional puzzle. I do not speak for everyone on this; new degrees and classes are crucial in many situations.  But it feels as though I've had my chance at that, and now it's time to  transform my past studies fit into my fruitful future using action and practice.

I feel very late to this party, but I can also see the bright side, which is that I am likely to have many years of work ahead of me and also that I can bring past work experiences to new work tasks.  I do not believe that it is too late to make creativity central in my life, or to make it a pillar of my professional future.

Those are the reasons why I temporarily maintained this blog under the title Pants Lab; I wanted to record my efforts to do these things...my efforts to create, to apply more creativity to my life, and to connect with creativity around me.

I will need enough courage, a period of geographical stability, and a good bit of luck.