I have set up my sewing and knitting supplies and machines in eight different spaces since meeting my husband and subsequently moving all over the place.  In the beginning, there was not enough creating and there were not enough supplies to commit an entire room to these pursuits.  However, since 2010, and the completion of a diploma in apparel technologies, the collection of materials and machines has grown.

Unfortunately, in spite of the increased space and supplies, I cannot point proudly to as many finished garments or illustrations as I would like.  Moving disruptions, a new baby, and the general nature of creativity have resulted instead in a long list of half-completed projects.  Every time I pack and unpack these bits of progress and effort, I feel renewed excitement at the ideas brewing, but also mounting frustration at what feels like a low completion rate.  People ask me what I'm making and I feel shy because in the face of so many tangible examples of interruption, it feels like I am making very little.

So as we re-settle in Minneapolis, and I cement the post-baby-post-move routine, I plan to tackle these half-baked creative loaves.  In this marathon of making, I plan to hone skills, add techniques to my repertoire, and clear the shelves for the next round of sprouting ideas.