Sustainable Closet, Handmade

Silk Tee

I finished sewing a shirt last week.  I started it last year, but because every stitch is hand-sewn, it was taking a long time.  Summer came, and I no longer needed a long-sleeve shirt, so I put it aside.  But then fall came, and even though I wasn't sure it would be worth the time, I finished it.  In the end, I could not get myself to waste the material, and I was curious if the shirt was going to turn out the way I hoped.  The outrageously slow process almost caused me to throw in the towel, but suddenly I turned a corner, and was far enough along to see that it was working, and therefore worth finishing.  

It is a hand stitch meant to produce a flat-lock effect, allowing the seams lay flat but remain stretchy.  There are extra seams on the sleeves because I didn't have enough fabric to cut the sleeves as one piece, so even though it was more work that way, I was able to create the shirt using less fabric..

Now I just need to stop eating holiday cookies so that it will continue to fit the way it should.