Swim (Or Not) Dress

One of my goals for 2015 is work through the backlog of sewing projects that have been stalled, stashed, and transported through the family and home changes of the last few years. I like having inspirational fabric and projects at the ready, but at a certain point, the studio is clogged and I need the satisfaction of not only crossing things off the list, but making something special for the season.

We lived in two homes during our 2.5  years in Houston, and my sewing supplies actually lived in three different spaces as a result.  Then we sold our home in Houston in order to move back to Minneapolis, staying with my parents in northern Minnesota during the transition.  The upshot is a roster of well-intentioned but incomplete projects.

One such item is a beach dress, made from pistachio-colored swimsuit-ish fabric.  I cut the pieces in Houston, and then they sat in a box while we moved to Minnesota.  I began to sew them together while we settled into our house last summer, but found that the hand-sewing technique I was using was not suitable for the silky, slippery, fine gauge of the fabric.  I needed different thread, a different needle, and a different stitch.  Then life happened, and so did snow. At that point, I needed long-sleeve shirts more than I needed a beach dress.  Back onto the shelf went the half-sewn dress.

Enter late spring 2015, and now the cover-up-tunic-crumple-and-go-dress is almost finished.  I hope to post pictures in the next few days, and be wearing it during a sunny Memorial Day weekend away (a girl can dream, right?).