Early Spring Poncho

I made a poncho!  

I knit this poncho using wool that I purchased with no pattern and no plan.  This may not sound like a big deal if you have not knit before, but buying yarn with no plan usually just leads to a closet full of pretty yarn, rather than a closet full of pretty sweaters.

A knit garment is affected by the size and weight of the yarn (referred to as 'gauge'), and also by the size of the knitting needles used.  Use the wrong needles for the yarn and pattern, and you end up running out of yarn.

So back in January, I decided to find a way to use the pretty blue yarn.  It is warm and weighty alpaca, meaning it was no good for a summer garment.  However, it turns out that when I bought it without an accompanying pattern to tell me how much I needed, I did not purchase enough to make a sweater. I looked at some sweater patterns I liked, and I didn't have enough for any of them.  But, I have enough scarves at the moment and anyway, if I only made a scarf, I would have a ton of leftover bits, which would be a waste.

Enter the poncho.  Who doesn't love a poncho?  Easy fit, feels comfy, no tricky sleeves to make.  I could not find a poncho pattern I liked to fit my yarn, so I decided I would try making one.  I would aim to have it finished in March or April, since that is the time in Minnesota when we are sick of our sweaters, and we want to wear spring things, but it isn't actually very warm yet.  Perfect for a warm but breathable (read: lacy) poncho, in my view.

Finally, in mid-May and after several revisions and re-knits, I completed my Early Spring Poncho.  I feared that I was too late, but the ever-changing Minnesota weather has obliged me with a nice chilly week so I can wear it once or twice before retiring it for the summer.

Happy Memorial Day, and enjoy the weather, whatever it may be.