Process, At Home

On One Hand

The newest member of our family is already five weeks old, and there is no doubt that despite my efforts to stay relaxed about everything, I am itching to get stuff done, and to get out and about more than I did when we had our first son.

As a result, when the baby refuses to sleep in the crib, which is common for most of his designated naps, I'm instead walking around with him slung over one arm, seeking tasks that can be accomplished while using the other available hand.  I'm learning fast and sometimes take pleasure in this most supreme multi-tasking challenge.

Here is a comprehensive list of my one-handed accomplishments: anything on a smartphone, including using Amazon to order supplies, looking at real estate online, typing (this blog post for example), doing laundry, making rudimentary sandwiches, eating other simple foods (mostly baked goods or tortilla chips), collecting items from cupboards that can be  safely packed away in storage (more on that later), calling the insurance company to rectify the inevitable billing mistakes which accompany a hospital procedure, writing thank you cards for the lovely gifts and support that we have received, cutting old sweatpants into rags for cleaning, making and editing to-do lists (which never seem to shrink but always evolve), reviewing and updating online passwords, and even pushing a stroller (in this case because the other hand is holding coffee).

Stay tuned for updates on why we are packing things and what it is like to try to sell your house with a newborn and a toddler at an unpopular time of year.  

Oh yes, and happy holidays too!