Inspiration, At Home

Mrs. Rose Glasses is Back

The idea to write Mrs. Rose Glasses grew out of terrible homesickness that I was experiencing while we were living in Calgary, Alberta, in 2010, although the seeds were planted during some colorful adventures had while we were living in Louisiana.  But Calgary was where I really needed to put on my big-girl pants and work it out, so I started writing Mrs. Rose Glasses then as an exercise in facilitating attitude change.

Writing Mrs. Rose Glasses proved an effective vehicle for painting an accurate picture of the positive, and also provided a place me to reflect on what was so terribly amplifying the negative.  Writing about my experiences of finding or creating home in unlikely, non-home places helped me get happier right where I was.  As it turned out, it also became a way for me to poke gentle fun, both at myself and at the location in question (originally Louisiana, then Calgary, and ultimately Houston).  

Creating MRG not only helped me to turn a happiness corner, but also helped me frame those personal daily challenges against the backdrop of our long-term dream of finding our way back home to Minnesota, in spite of the fact that my husband's industry doesn't really exist here.

In 2014, we finally did see a way to come home, and we went for it.  As we settled in, writing Mrs. Rose Glasses started to feel unnecessary; things were smooth and calm.  I had what I needed.  I was home; I no longer needed the therapy of finding home, re-creating it, or reflecting on why I couldn't let go of it.  

Or at least, that's what I thought.  Silly me.

In 2015, I spent my writing energy on a different blog, Pants Lab, which was meant to document creative process and progress.  And it was good for that, but I missed writing Mrs. Rose Glasses.  And also, I was eventually forced to admit that while we able to come home, it did not culminate in happily ever turned out to be more like a really happy year, followed by some really serious stuff to figure out.

The work that my husband did in the oil industry, which pays our bills and that allows us live in a location of our own choosing, has disappeared, at least for now.  He is simultaneously seeking work here in Minnesota and also in past locations, but his work experience is unusual and his network is spread across the globe, rather than being concentrated here, so it is slow going to find a way for him to work in Minnesota.  I'm working some, but unfortunately my earning will not be enough alone prevent us from having to make some changes soon. 

So while we are home still, for now, there remains much to figure out.  A little bit stressful, yes, but on the other hand, a fine opportunity for finding the bright side, Rose Glasses-style; and all-in-all, the catalyst that convinced me to reboot my beloved blog.  I have incorporated my Pants Lab material from 2015, because making and creativity remain significant in my life, but I have learned that whatever I'm doing, and wherever I'm doing it, Mrs. Rose Glasses stays.