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What Not to Eat When You're Expecting

I have been creative in only one way during recent months.  Finally, after much waiting and hoping, I am pregnant with our second child.  We tried hard for this one and we weren't at all sure that it would work out.  I thought that all of that trying would make it less annoying to be pregnant, and I swore that I would make healthier choices this time.  I was largely, but not entirely, wrong.

I remain grateful, excited and committed, but being pregnant still sucks, just like it did last time.  Let me take a moment to say that while I am reasonably healthy during regular life, pregnancy did not seem to bring out that side of me last time.  I am also not one of those Earth-mama types who can casually ingest kale and hemp seeds.  I have to work at my healthy choices, and I will never stop loving gluten.  Nausea and extreme fatigue, which is most of the first trimester, just brings out my love of Ramen and Saltines.  Last time around, it even ignited a long-dormant candy habit.

Regardless, I vowed, if given the opportunity to have one more baby, that I would do better this time.  Not try to be someone that I am not, but at the very least, more walking, more vegetables, more sewing and skip the candy this time, I told myself. I am just about the the end of my first trimester, and on a scale of "Forget It" all the way to "Rocking It", I would give myself a grade of "Mild Improvement".  There hasn't been candy.  There have been a few vegetables here and there, even raw ones.  And finally, after several sick weeks on the couch, I have been walking.  I have been sewing and knitting a tiny, tiny bit.  

There is much to be done.  My list of pre-baby tasks, creative, household, and baby-related, is ever so long.  My first son's bed still needs a duvet and I'm determined to make it.  He also needs a photo album for his upcoming birthday.  I have some ideas for hand-made maternity clothes and promised myself that I would finish a couple of items that went unfinished last time around when I got sick and the little guy had to be delivered early.  Oh yes, and I still need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, quick before another newborn takes over my life again.

So just a few things to take care of this summer.  I probably should start injecting some green smoothie into my Mac and Cheese, otherwise there will never be enough energy during the magical second trimester to cross these things off their lists.  However.  The alterations class I've been taking is coming to a close, as is my first trimester, so things are looking up.  Maybe I will even eat a salad one of these days.