Feeling Birch

For my first son's nursery, it was a blue wire decorative shelf, in the shape of a rowboat, that finally sparked my enthusiasm.  Suddenly I could picture shades of Minnesota lake life coloring his little room in Texas, and then it started to feel more fun.

For the new guy, I have been feeling birch.  I'm not normally much of a plant person, but lately I'm drawn to birch trees as a lovely and happy aspect of life up north.  I love their bright white trunks and the leaves that flash a little bit silver when they flutter.

I wanted some Minnesota in his room, but didn't want to repeat the look of our first nursery by relying on a fish and water theme, especially since the poor guy will be completely decked out in older brother's hand-me-downs for the foreseeable future.  He will sleep in his older brother's crib, wear mostly hand-me-downs, and ride in strollers already broken in by the same lucky older brother, so at the very least, I think he deserves some personal touches chosen with only him in mind.

We remain grateful for our continued time in Minnesota, even though we are not yet certain it is permanent. But in the meantime, while we try to make it certain, this room where I will spend so much time nurturing new life can shimmer with the reflection of some current inspiration.