Get Inspired at the Get Together

Until last weekend, I had never been to the Minnesota State Fair, in spite of being born here and living in the metro area for over half of my life.  My energetic sister-in-law convinced us to go, four adults plus three-year-old, and I'm glad she did.  And while some of my negative suspicions were unfortunately confirmed, there was certainly also plenty that impressed me.  

Parking was as annoying as I expected, and the prices for mediocre food were even higher than the high prices I expected at this kind of event.  That said, there was also more inspiration than I expected.  Who knew that so many people were so crafty and that so much of it was on display for us right here every summer?  Actually, knowing Minnesotans the way that I do, I'm not surprised at the level of craftiness...we love to make things!  But I had no idea that so many people also liked to compete for prizes while making their things.

I would have loved to take even more pictures, but on a hot day, with toddler in tow, our time was limited.  However, here is a small taste: