Inspiration, Sustainable Closet

Fashion Revolution

You may (or may not) have noticed some surprising Instagram posts, Facebook posts, or tweets this week.  There may be people wearing clothing inside out, exposing labels, and holding signs that read "Who Made My Clothes?"  

This is because we want to know who made our clothes.  We are no longer able to accept claims from large, flush-with-cash corporations that it is just too hard for them to find out who made our clothes, and in what conditions they were working when those clothes were made.  We can vote with our wallets, but also maybe we can just ask the people responsible for these decisions to think harder about what they are doing.  To treat people well.  To use fewer chemicals and more care.  In short, to make clothes safely and responsibly.  

Some companies are responding.  You can see pictures of workers in factories holding signs which read "I made your clothes," which is so encouraging.  And if those other companies don't respond, luckily consumers have more and more choices these days.

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