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Eight Principles of Organizing for Inspiration

I have been spending some time setting up my creative space due to our recent move, which has put me in an organizing mood in general.  We are experiencing a loss of closets and storage in our new house, which is always challenging.  Add maternity supplies, and a pile of breastfeeding-friendly clothing, a second young child  and a tight budget to the household mix, and the result is me digging deep and getting back to basics when it comes to managing our stuff.  


Get Inspired at the Get Together

Until last weekend, I had never been to the Minnesota State Fair, in spite of being born here and living in the metro area for over half of my life.  My energetic sister-in-law convinced us to go, four adults plus three-year-old, and I'm glad she did.  And while some of my negative suspicions were unfortunately confirmed, there was certainly also plenty that impressed me.  

Parking was as annoying as I expected, and the prices for mediocre food were even higher than the high prices I expected at this kind of event.  That said, there was also more inspiration than I expected.  Who knew that so many people were so crafty and that so much of it was on display for us right here every summer?  Actually, knowing Minnesotans the way that I do, I'm not surprised at the level of craftiness...we love to make things!  But I had no idea that so many people also liked to compete for prizes while making their things.

I would have loved to take even more pictures, but on a hot day, with toddler in tow, our time was limited.  However, here is a small taste: