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Eight Principles of Organizing for Inspiration

I have been spending some time setting up my creative space due to our recent move, which has put me in an organizing mood in general.  We are experiencing a loss of closets and storage in our new house, which is always challenging.  Add maternity supplies, and a pile of breastfeeding-friendly clothing, a second young child  and a tight budget to the household mix, and the result is me digging deep and getting back to basics when it comes to managing our stuff.  

At Home

Give Care

Changes in the day-to-day operation of our family have turned me into a true stay-at-home mom.  The kind where I was the big pregnant mama dragging my toddler around everywhere this summer, and the kind where now the new baby is by my side for every hour of the day.  I find the intensity of non-stop kid quite challenging, as I'm sure most caregivers do.  I also learn a lot, which may sound odd, but since our family has grown, and the amount of day care that I use has shrunk, I am, more often than I was in the past, struck by the minutiae of the young lives for which I am responsible.



Two weeks!  Aaaaagh.  I went to see the Dynamo, Houston's professional soccer team, just over two weeks ago, and then I'm not sure what happened.

An art crawl, a neighborhood walking architecture tour, a Thanksgiving flu, Thanksgiving.  Now friends coming for visits and holidays sneaking up fast!

I'm thankful for so many things that I could burst.

I'm thankful for my husband, my friends, my family, my cat (I hope that doesn't sound dumb, but she really brings me piles of uncomplicated joy).  I'm grateful that I feel healthy right now and I'm super grateful for our new house and the fact that it is currently untouched by disasters which have befallen others.

I'm thankful for Minnesota, Texas, France, New Zealand, Madison, New Orleans...even Missouri and Calgary...all places that have shaped my life, some in ways I love and others in ways that just make me grateful to have moved on.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to improve every single day.