Goals, At Home

Baby Prep 101

I organized the nursery much earlier this time.  I thought my preparation schedule last time was appropriate, but I was wrong.  We ended up in the hospital for an emergency delivery on the day that the crib was scheduled to be delivered and we were (translation: my mom was) sewing curtains while I nursed and pumped madly.  Babies have their own schedules.

The truth is that I didn't want to be a mom until later in my life.  Somewhere around thirty-three or so is when I got curious, and it wasn't until thirty-five that I felt confident in wanting to go for it, or at least in opening the door to it.  Kids were, in the opinion of the members of my marriage, messy, expensive, and not suitable for travel.  No fun, and not worth the trouble, we had concluded.  I'm still not sure exactly, but I think what happened next is that biology took control of my brain.