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Mountain People

January 2, 2011

Last night we went to dinner at the house of one of my husband's co-workers. We have gotten together with them only a few times, and they are very nice, but gatherings like these definitely highlight an aspect of life in Canada that freaks me out.




On my right was a woman who has two sled dogs and on my left was a woman who was arguing in favor of ice climbing during her new pregnancy (which required months of IVF to kick off in the first place). It is only when I gather with my husband's colleagues in Canada that I realize how timid and homebody-ish I really am. 

McKinley, Denali, Talkeetna...multiple other rugged place names that I recognize only from the names of garments at REI, all flow off of their tongues as they reminisce about small tents and high altitude medications. I listen and try to imagine ever wanting to experience places in such a way.

Suddenly, during casual conversation, a few of the guests realize that they have also completed the same marathon in Hawaii, and I nearly pack up and call it a night.