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Eight Principles of Organizing for Inspiration

I have been spending some time setting up my creative space due to our recent move, which has put me in an organizing mood in general.  We are experiencing a loss of closets and storage in our new house, which is always challenging.  Add maternity supplies, and a pile of breastfeeding-friendly clothing, a second young child  and a tight budget to the household mix, and the result is me digging deep and getting back to basics when it comes to managing our stuff.  


Arm Warmers

My Dad thinks they are silly, but in my opinion, arm warmers make a lot of sense in northern winter life.  You don't want to commit to gloves, but you aren't quite warm enough...or maybe your cute jacket has those sweet bracelet sleeves that leave you wishing for the opera length gloves of the 1950s...or maybe you are enjoying the poncho thing happening now, but your wrists are chilly as a result.