Being back in Minnesota is bringing back a lot of familiar feelings.  My son is in a day care located near where I was born and also near where I had my favorite job in high school.  Dropping him off and picking him up bring daily moments of nostalgia, now that we are once more living in the area.

Another familiar feeling is that of February-blah.  It's cold, still.  It's grey, still.  And it will be for a little while yet.  Like a moron, I once again failed to plan a vacation, so I just need to wait it out.  The pent-up feeling of being hunkered down for several months bubbles up instead as an urge to change everything.  Throw away all the clothes and start over.  Get a haircut.  Give in to the detox trend.  Get a tattoo.  Move (sick, I know).

In an effort to channel that pent-up energy towards something less drastic and more productive than the above options, I'm tackling a scary project today: diving into old pattern drafts updating them for current use.  After I learned flat-pattern drafting several years ago, I let the circumstances of life get in the way of continuous practice and improvement, and my old pattern blocks became somewhat rumpled and jumbled with each successive relocation

Looking at them lately, I feel as though I barely remember how to do it, and seeing them hanging on the rack provokes the same unpleasant feeling as looking at old college texts that were not quite mastered the first time, but could have been if only I'd known then what I know now.  

I'm tired of that feeling. Today, I'm reviewing and re-drafting, starting with a sleeve.  An improved sleeve pattern will help me make better shirts, with the added bonus of helping me clear out some mental baggage and tidy up some paper piles.

Take that, February!