Sustainable Closet

Do This Before You Shop: Make A Wish List

So.  Spring is in the air (use your imagination).  You are feeling festive and even pretty fit, after successful implementation of your New Year's resolutions (again...imagination).  You want to celebrate by purchasing some new clothes, but there is no spring shopping trip line item in the budget.  Should you fight the urge? If so, how?  Should you give in to the moment? If you do, what is the best way to make a purchase that feels both responsible and still fun?

Sustainable Closet

Do This Before You Shop: Shop Your Closet

I try not to buy clothes that I don't need, and I try not to buy clothes that are made in unhealthy working conditions and/or of environmentally-suspect materials.  But I love clothing...messing around with it...using it to feel great...attempting to make garments I love.  These two diametrically opposed positions create in me a strange feast-famine shopping cycle, and have also in the past also led not only to budget disaster, but also to spending money on clothes that disappoint or frustrate me.  In the last few years, however, I have been fighting that powerful feast force, using a few simple pre-shopping habits.