MRG makes knit products which are a little bit special. You may have some questions about them…


What is the best way to clean my garment?

Hand wash by briefly and completely saturating garment in a bucket of water; push it down under the water so that the fibers completely absorb water. Use with tap water, not too hot. Add a splash of vinegar if you have some handy (this acts like a garment softener, removes unwanted odors, and some believe that it also helps to prevent color bleed), and/or add a small amount of delicates wash to the water.

Spin out extra water in the spin cycle of washing machine (this step can expedite the drying process by a day or more), which helps the garment remain fresh after washing.

Lay flat to dry, pressing into shape occasionally during drying process.


Are these products hand-knit?

These products are a combination of hand-knitting and work on a knitting machine (also sometimes referred to as a knitting loom). The knitting machine uses no electricity and is powered completely by my arms, so it is very similar to a loom.


Do you have any products which do not contain animal fibers?

I have created a few custom orders using yarns that are plant-based. I have some in the design and sampling process. Watch the website for additional developments. Please contact me with custom order questions:


Do you have any styling tips for the Signature Poncho?

The Signature Poncho looks great when the shoulder seam runs along the top of your shoulder and down one arm. When you do this, one corner of the poncho will hang over your mid-section (or slightly to the side) and another corner will hang in the back.

If you are hoping to wear the Signature Poncho underneath a jacket, just bunch it up around your neck like a scarf or a cowl while your jacket is on.


I see pictures of garments in the same colorway that do not look identical; why is that?

I often work with yarns that are produced and dyed in small batches. The same yarn from the same company can vary from batch to batch. They are often impossible to purchase a second time. The colorways I use are guidelines for color combinations, but do not guarantee that items are identical or even repeatable.

I also may prefer to use a different yarn for the same colorway in order to improve price point or make a change to fiber content.


It looks like you sold the one that I wanted to buy. Can you make another one just like it?

I may or may not be able to source the same yarns, but even if I am able to re-create it using the same yarns, there may still be small differences from garment to garment; that is the nature of small-batch dyed yarn.

So the answer is that I cannot guarantee that a poncho can be perfectly re-created.


I am not happy with my Mrs. Rose Glasses garment. Can it be returned?

On one hand, probably not. But on the other hand, that’s terrible that you are not happy with it, and I do want to work with you to find out how I can help improve the situation. Please drop me an email. Describe the problem and give your best contact info, and I will get in touch ASAP.