Custom Order: Signature Poncho

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Contact Mrs. Rose Glasses to order a poncho in a custom colorway. Prices start at three deposit levels, with the final payment varying according to yarn costs and other costs incurred. Initial deposits are necessary to secure yarn and to pay for the initial design work. It is best to contact me ( to start the process and determine which deposit level is appropriate.

  • A Basic design starts with a deposit of $150 if we plan for it to contain ten or fewer stripes, only one color, or generally have larger swaths of color and a less complicated design.

  • An Intricate design starts with a deposit of $175 and may contain 10-20 stripes, or some smaller regions of color.

  • A design is considered Complicated ( and requires a deposit of $200) if it contains over twenty stripes, uses difficult to source yarn, or has other special circumstances such as fringe or a lettuce edge.

During the deposit consultation, we will discuss a rough estimate of final cost of the design based on your choices. If work progresses differently than expected, you will be contacted to review options to keep the cost close to the target price.

You may choose to alter the design choices during the process; any such changes would be reflected in the final cost.

Visit the Contact page to get in touch with any custom order questions.

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